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Optiphi® is a scientifically based anti-aging premium skincare brand aimed at addressing the mechanisms of gerontology – cellular aging to ensure skin radiance results.

Optiphi® offers professional facial treatment ranges, and a range of active products formulated with optimal active concentrations to promote cellular skin rejuvenation.

Optiphi® treats the signs of aging: dehydration, impaired skin barrier function, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, enlarged pores & redness.

RégimA is the most advanced, medically accepted skin care programme created to attack the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with modern living. These elements are responsible for most of the skin’s visible signs of ageing, including loss of skin tone and wrinkles. Without the help of RégimA’s technology these toxins will surely cause premature ageing. Years of scientific research have culminated in this ultimate regime, which is simplicity itself.

RégimA is a unique anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation range manufactured for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. Extensive use of the very finest potent natural ingredients from Europe, South Africa and other tropical regions, and indigenous wound healing, skin repairing plants, ensures RégimA’s status as a skin care leader in the world market. We are not just talking ‘normal’ cosmetics which may feel nice, smell nice and keep the skin hydrated, but are just moisturizing outer dead skin. To really rejuvenate one has to remove that outer layer which shows all signs of ageing, revealing a much fresher and more youthful skin. RégimA is a cosmeceutical focusing not only on AESTHETICS but SKIN HEALTH.

Safely, gently and naturally RégimA helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance, improving colour, tone and texture, smoothing away ageing lines and uneven skin colour, bringing back that glow of a good, healthy skin, irrespective of age.

Nimue Skin Technology is a derma-cosmeceutical brand that was developed in 1994 by leading skincare scientists aimed at the medical market for pre- and post-operative application. Since then, Nimue has evolved into a recognised professional skincare brand distributed globally, renowned for an expert understanding of the skin, innovative formulations, cutting edge technology and effective combination, concentration and strength of active ingredients. “At Nimue Skin Technology, we treat the cause and not the symptom of a skin condition through our innovative skin classification concept system. Our results orientated approach of professionally administered treatments, complemented by prescribed home care products, ensures clients see significant visible results that drive brand loyalty and keep them coming back”. Nimue’s advanced and powerful formulations effectively treat the majority of skin concerns including: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness, oiliness, acne, rosacea and eczema.

In the ocean depths, marine extracts concentrate active ingredients, minerals and trace elements, up to 10,000 times more than terrestrial plants. Thanks to their biomimicry, these marine molecules have a bio-affinity with skin and are particularly well assimilated. At the seaside, the concentration of oxygen in the air is greater and negative ion levels are up to 1,600 times higher than in cities, which promotes a feeling of well-being. The sea has always been a source of vital energy for humans, which can regenerate you both physically and mentally.

Just like the sea revitalises body and mind, Thalgo has always combined efficacy and well-being.

Thalgo infuses this marine energy into beauty products, nutritional supplements and protocols that revitalise body and mind.

You glow with renewed beauty.

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex™ Skin Supplement with exclusive PhytoflORAL® is a balanced food supplement that works for brighter even toned skin. One capsule should be taken once daily with food. These easy-to-digest supplements provide clinically proven, visibly brighter and fresher, younger looking skin.

Key benefits:

  • Protects from the inside
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation – age spots, liver spots, acne scar tissue and rosacea
  • Replenishes skin’s radiance, rehydrates, and regenerates dull, dry skin
  • Soothes and calms sun damage at a cellular level.
  • Fights premature ageing caused by intensive aesthetic treatments such as peels
  • Defends against UV damage and boosts collagen
  • Replenishes skin’s defences
  • Improves moisture balance

Key ingredients:

PhytoflORAL® (500mg) Contains colourless carotenoids for their skin-perfecting properties, promoting brighter, radiant younger looking skin. These properties are delivered at a cellular level for more intense effects and benefits and contain the active component needed for lightening and brightening the skin as well as stimulating collagen production, working synergistically with the supplement’s other active ingredients to raise glutathione levels in the blood naturally.

Gluthathione – has the ability to lighten dark skin and pigmentation, including dark acne scars, freckles, dark underarms and age

Pomegranate, Acai Berry and Bilberry Extract – These antioxidents target free radicals, boost collagen production, even skin tone and plump up the skin.

CoQ10 – this co-enzyme plays an important role in repairing and reducing oxidative stress helping to protect the cells from tissue damage.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is an anti-oxidant amino acid that helps to produce keratin, essential for keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy.

Vitamin C – A potent antioxidant, Vitamin C plays a vital role in the condition of the skin. In its stable ascorbyl palmitate form, it aids brightening, boosts collagen and reduces free radical damage.

Alpha Lipoic Acid to help combat the signs of ageing by maintaining cell’s metabolic function and increasing the effectiveness of other antioxidants in the body.

BioPerine® is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit. It is used in Yllume to significantly enhance the bioavailability of the active ingredients through increased absorption.

Free from: Preservatives, artificial colours, gelatin, gluten, salt and yeast. Yllume uses 100% pure vegetarian capsules

NB* Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex™ Skin Supplement is not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. As with other supplements, seek professional advice before using if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from food allergies.

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